She wrote and freed her soul.

Hello and welcome to my wonderful little spot on the ever-growing Internet. I am glad you’re here. This is where I let my hair down and let my feelings show. It’s my right, right? And that is exactly why I write:  It allows me to face my truth. I write my wrongs and bear my soul on the page. As I often say,

I write because I have a responsibility to tell stories.

Writing gives me the freedom to heal, even if it is often through the journey of fictional characters. It is because of them that I am able to stand a little more straight, make better decisions, and come to terms with every thing that I am.

It is my hope that through my story and the stories I tell that you too are able to move through life with a little more confidence as well.

Live. Learn. Grow. Love.


Bettering Lives Univer(soul)ly Every Story


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