I am a character-driven writer telling stories that explore intra- and interpersonal relationships.

With a degree in psychology, narratives involving the human experience—from one spectrum or multiple—are what drive my storytelling. Having lived on and traveled through three continents, I believe those cultural experiences add color and character to the stories I write in relatable ways. I’ve been blessed thus far to have two novels and several short stories published.

I am just getting started.

Why, hello there! I’m so grateful to have you here.

As you can see, I love moving words across the page. The moment I opened my soul to being a writer is the moment I found myself. Telling stories gives me life. And it’s my purpose as a storyteller to reveal, transform, enlighten, and awaken the soul by exploring the patterns of behavior that affect relationships. I hope the characters you meet in the stories I tell helps you come to terms with the experiences in your own life in some way.

However you found your way to my personal corner of the world wide web, thank you for being here. Read more about my journey, check out my stories, watch my first documentary, read some commentaries, and before you leave, let’s make a connection that matters!