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I didn’t choose to be a storyteller; the characters chose me, and that’s when I chose to tell their stories.

My Story

For over 40 years of my existence, I have always put others’ wants, wishes, desires, and purposes over mine. Recently, I decided to put myself first. I decided to choose me. What a realization and decision it was. Choosing me awakened me. And it is my mission to use truth + experiences + stories to inspire the soul and help others live better lives. In the words of the late Toni Morrison: “We are here but we have to do something nurturing–that we respect–before we go.” I am here to do just that. As a storyteller, I use the power of words and visuals to reveal, to transform, to enlighten, to heal.


Truth + Experiences

Accepting the challenge and journey of school has been far from easy. It wasn’t what I wanted but has been everything I needed. I am stronger. I am wiser. I am at peace. But the part that wows me the most is realizing that I am on the path to living the purpose God created me for. You see, ever since He gave me the vision to tell stories, I’d thought that would be my sole purpose. I thought I’d write books on books on books and that would be it. (Books with purpose, of course.) However, writing and becoming a published author was the setup to the purpose. It was the foundation on which to build upon. As a storyteller, I gather characters to evaluate, listen to their problems, process their information, and disseminate solutions to help better lives univer(soul)ly through their experiences.

The Stories



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Personalized Autographed Copy

We each have our own journey and our own story to tell. It is my prayer that my works inspire, uplift, and awaken your soul to live, learn, grow, and love better in your life’s experiences. I’m a firm believer that when you change your narrative, you change your life. Stand in your truth, acknowledge your experiences, and watch your stories change.