Blues Notes


Why does it seem like the things you really want in life are the hardest to achieve?  
I’ve been struggling with my real estate career since taking my final.  I missed it by one point and had to retake it two days later.  Thank God I passed that time.  Now I am faced with a new challenge.  I didn’t meet the requirements for the state exam and have to pay another $91 to do it all over again. 
What is the problem?  I honestly believe that I am allowing negativity to ride on my shoulders from a past experience with me when I take on these new challenges.  One:  That’s not fair to the test and Two:  it isn’t fair to me.  I shouldn’t let what happened to me on my last job affect what’s in front of me now.  Two totally different situations, two totally different goals.  This is what I want, now I need to act like it.  Enough about that.  Proceed….

Discussion Points

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