Blues Notes

Why Wednesday

* Why have I still not done my Spanish homework that was due on Monday?

* Why does my cat like running around the house at full speed at 2:00 in the

* Why I won 1st place in the makeup competition yesterday?

* Why is Dustin Diamond [1:30-2:27] always talking about calling his lawyer/agent [his wife] to complain about what Harvey said to him on Celebrity Fit Club?

* Why do people get mad when they make a deposit after they make a purchase and then get mad ’cause they got a bank charge?

* Why, without fail, do my thoughts always stray towards sex when I’m in church?

* Why did Anonymous comment on my “I’m not racist” post and call mea racist?

* Why do white people look like they’re hurting themselves when they dance?

* Why, as kids, did my brother and I sniff the seats when people got up?

* Why do people with the worst breath always wanna whisper?

* Why does this chick in my class have the blackest heels but always wearing sandles?

* Why when my mom was a teacher, did she go looking for one of her kindergarten kids and found her in the bathroom sniffing her underwear?

* Why didn’t he notice that my lovewas deeper, tighter, sweeter, higher, flyer?

This is Jewells signing out…

Discussion Points

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