Warning: Bump in the Road

If you knew there would be bumps ahead on your journey, would you go down that path? Would the proximity of the warning sign to the bump make a difference in your reaction to it? At what point would you prepare for the bump if you knew in advance what part of the journey it would appear?

I believe there is beauty in not knowing what lies ahead. Life is meant to be traveled in uncertainty. If we knew every step, every failure, every success that lie before us, there would be no need for faith. Faith is “…to be sure of the things we hope for, to be certain of the things we cannot see” (Hebrews 11:1 GNB).

Faith is trusting and believing that everything is going to work out even when it doesn’t look that way.

There are some situations in my life that are uncertain. But, one thing is certain: God has us no matter what path we are on. He promises to take care of us, to be with us and not abandon us, to give us the future we hope for (Jer 29:11). I’ve talked about my work-related injury and the stress surrounding it many times. Though I filed an appeal over two years ago, it is still without resolution. Had I been warned of all the bumps that would appear in the road—and  the fact that they would still attempt to block my path ten years later—I might not have gone to work that day. Had I known I would be lied on, attacked, and money would be taken from me, I would have never taken the job. But where would my life be now without all the twists, turns, bumps and such?

As a published author, I have hit another kind of bump in the road. At the beginning of the year I walked away from my agent—an agent who believed in my story. Why on earth would I terminate a relationship with someone who believed in me? Whatever the reason, I left to pursue other avenues. With a manuscript in hand that my previous agent loved, I am now in pursuit of someone else who will love it. This has been no easy feat.

There has been interest in my 3rd novel, however, not enough to deter rejection.

Had I been privy to the nos filling my inbox, would I have left the representation previously secured? It may very well be harder to find an agent now that I am without one, but it is a choice I made. A choice I have to stick with in spite of the rejection that may come my way. Deciding to fight for my injury and the right for an appeal is a decision I made, and no matter what opposition comes my way, I know I did the right thing.

Hindsight is everything. So is knowing the end result prior to making a decision. However, neither are available to us at the point of deciding. Why do we have to know anyway? Why do we have to figure everything out beforehand? We will never know everything. Make the decision with what you do know. Move forward with what you have. Nevermind the bumps; they are temporary. You were made for this. You can handle this.

Knowing can prevent us from the very bumps we need to catapult us to the next level of our journey.

Know, trust, and believe that there is a plan ordained by God for your life that cannot be stopped. He has given you the strength, determination, and wisdom to handle any and every bump that will appear in your path…because they are going to show up. How you respond when they do materialize will show you where your faith is.


Word to the Wise: Don’t avoid the bumps. Stop changing directions because the road ahead looks rocky. Sometimes, it’s the rocks that reshape us, transform us, and prepare us to handle what lies ahead.

3 Thoughts

  1. This is good and so true! Working with teens all the time, I realize they are a “fast-food, nuke it in the microwave” generation. They feel like they need all the answers now; to have life all figured out. When they come to me for advice, I tell them I do truth, not sugar and if they don’t want the truth, they can’t talk to me. Once they proceed in truth, the advice (or questions) then becomes, “You do know it’s okay to live in the unknown, right? You do know you don’t have to have all the answers , right? You know you don’t have to have it all figured out, right? Just enjoy the station God has you at right now. It’s okay to live in the unknown.” You’re right, Story Psychologist! If I had known what lies ahead, would I have taken a different path? I like the path I chose, even with the bumps in the road!


    1. “I do truth, not sugar.” I like that. We have to be okay with the paths we choose, even if we end up damaging a set of tires along the journey. Take the lessons, get new tires, and keep going because we have somewhere to go. Thanks for your input!



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