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Photo & Short Story of the Day

They met online via a dating app and after months of getting to know each other through calls and texts and video chats, they took a chance and flew to Mexico to meet face to face for the first time.

Going somewhere neither lived was equal ground as it left neither sacrificing more than the other. Plus, it was a vacation that if they didn’t like each other offline, there’d be no loss.

Luckily, their vibe in person was just as good as it was without sight.

They talked over daiquiris and quesadillas while watching locals and other vacationers walk by.

He laughed at her jokes because she was the funny one.

She blushed at his winks because he was the flirty one.

Would their romance continue once they made it back to their respective homes, neither knew. But this would be a trip neither would forget.

What say you?

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