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Photo & Short Story of the Day

She sat in front of the wall, contemplating. An unfamiliar feeling had come over her. An unfamiliar thought.

This was the umpteenth job interview she’d been on that week with the same response of “We’ll be in touch” only to never hear from them again.

She was tired of detached promises. Why can’t people just be honest? Either I’m a fit or I’m not, she thought.

The idle ignition prompted her attention. It begged her to shift the gear and get out of here. But she wondered, What if I put the car in drive and slam into this wall?

Water rose to in her eyes distorting her view.

Then, a tap on the window.

She wiped her eye before the tear fell, then rolled down the window.

“I tried to catch you before you walked out,” the human resources coordinator said. “The manager you interviewed with decided to offer you the position. Can you come back in to fill out some paperwork?”

All she could do was nod.

She rolled up the window, turned off the ignition. Took a deep breath. And exhaled.

What say you?

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