Poetexts: Just Us

There is so much injustice

Because it’s JUST US

It’s just our bodies dead in streets

Knees on our necks

Lungs that can’t breathe


Unable to jog in our neighborhood

Turn without a signal

Carry a hairbrush

Or walk home with Skittles


Killed while trying to sleep

Pulled over and shot because our skin is too deep

We’re the only ones guilty for wearing hoodies

And are such a threat you hang us from trees

It’s JUST US that look like suspects

We are the convenient offender of crimes committed by other complexions

Because it’s JUST US

We need justice but you don’t see us

You imitate us and take credit for inventions created by us

Yet you won’t stand for us in times of injustice

Where is our justice?

Oh, my bad





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