Every writer starts at the beginning. Too often, beginning writers long to be where established writers are, and as a result, grow frustrated with where they are.

No matter where you are in the process of writing, know that every writer starts at the same place: word one, page one, chapter one.

It can be defeating to see someone who is where you want to be, but if you can take a step back to thoroughly examine the situation, you will see they once had the same struggles as you in wanting to get where the next person was. You have to get to a place where your eyes are not on others’ progress but on your own. If you trust the process of progress, you will eventually be exactly where you want to be. You might very well be there right now without even recognizing it.

Never despise small beginnings; they always lead to big endings.

It won’t happen overnight. It won’t happen tomorrow or next week. The key is, keep going. As you continue to move words across the page, you will be closer to having that book done. Your script will be complete. You will be at the stage in the game to look for representation or take the steps to self-publish or produce your own projects. It takes dedication. It requires focus, and if you’re focusing on everyone else’s journey, you won’t be able to recognize your own progress.

Start small. You don’t have to have it all together. Your excuse may even be that you do not know how to write a book and/or script. To be clear, no one does in the beginning. What you do know is how to write, how to put words on the page. Do that! Don’t focus on if it makes sense or if it’s grammatically correct — you can focus on that later. Just keep writing, keep moving words across the page until those pages begin to add up. Before the sun rises, you will have enough words to make the next aspiring writer’s eyes turn green.

The writer before you had the same process and so did the writer before him and the writer before her.

The same goes for those after you. Take your time. Don’t rush the process. Progress may be slow; don’t focus on that. Progress is progress. You always end up where you are supposed to be. When you finish your writing project, you’ll be in the ranks with the writer(s) you admire because guess what? you did exactly what they did to get to where they are. You sat down and moved those words across the page until you had a finished product. That’s all it takes. And you never know, you may pen the project that has your favorite storyteller(s) look to you with adoration.

Start where you are. Look to others, but don’t try to stand in their shoes. Your journey is your journey, and your success story will be your success story. Step by step, word by word, page by page. You will eventually get there.

Now get to work!



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