Photo Credit: Courtesy of Nikki Seegars

A voice broke the silence, whispering her fears and frustrations. I wrote what I’d heard, and have been writing ever since.

It’s true. That is how I began writing.

I had no aspirations of becoming a writer. Reading stories and watching them on the big and small screen were all I’d known. I enjoyed storytelling on all levels but never considered doing so as a career, let alone a creative outlet.

Until I was fresh out of the military and working for a temp agency. The uncertainty and mundane routine perplexed my existence. I knew I wanted and needed more, just didn’t know what that more looked like.

And as serendipity would have it, I wasn’t alone. Someone else was in search of something. This presence needed someone to listen, and I needed something meaningful to do.

My heart quickened as she spoke. My fingers couldn’t keep up on the keyboard, but I gave it my all. The more she talked, the more I typed. And the more I listened without judgement, others began to talk as well.

I became a place of comfort—a place where they could unload their angst and be honest about their truth. Those voices shared their stories just as much as I desired to tell them.

They trusted me; I honored them.

I firmly believe that what you are seeking is also looking for you. It’s waiting for you. It’s begging you to set aside thoughts, opinions, ridicule, and plain ol’ sounding crazy. That thing you’re supposed to do, that person you’re supposed to be is waiting for you to be brave, audacious, curious. Your purpose will find you as long as you’re willing to pursue it and be an open vessel.

It may sound crazy, and at times, I question myself: Really, Julia. Is that really what you’re doing? Yes. Without those voices, I have no stories.

Being a writer may not have been my intention, but I’m ever so grateful. I can’t imagine anything else, nor would I want to.

Here’s to realizing the YOU you’re destined to be, and to doing the thing you were created to do.

May God bless us all in our pursuits!